Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new years eve!!

doesnt it seem like yesterday it was new years eve right before we celebrated the new millenium and were panicked the world was ending with Y2K??

fast forward a decade (?!) and here we are. celebrating the end of 2009 and welcoming 2010. its amazing what can happen in 10 years...graduating high school, college, new jobs, new cities, losing my dad, changing my hair color, running half marathons, and soo soo much more. the years from 16 to 26 are so crazy. you go through so much in those, many times, awfully angsty, painful years. these are the years of unsureness, searching, angst, growth and development, and confusion. you are expected to learn and develop a sense of yourself, while hopefully finding a job, obtaining and sustaining relationships, paying bills (pain in the ass), and growing up in to a confident person. theres a lot of shit to juggle at this age. i do agree that your 20s are tough. i think life is tough...but i sometimes feel extra annoyed that i am not at an age where i can do what i want. i have always been a late bloomer and hope i come to find a passion one day. while i feel that, for me, working with my mom is when i am happiest, i cant have that right now...we live 3000 miles apart. that hurts my heart.

i have begun to write my second book. it feels good to sit down and type out my emotions at night. who knows how long i will keep at it or how it will develop. im going to take it a page at a time. see what comes.

i really cant wait for 2010. i wish everyone the happiest and healthiest year yet.

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