do you agree?

so people magazine just named hugh jackman the sexiest man alive in 2008. what do you think? nothing against hugh, as he is, no doubt, a good-looking man...just not who i would have picked. i was loving matt damon in that spot...for sure my favorite. or aaron fox?? (ha, ok that just slipped!) or john kelley?? (oops, another slip).

its funny, these days there really arent any celebrities that i just loooove. i think the gossip girl boys are adorable, always have a soft spot for andy roddick, and still love the backstreet boys. these arent "sexy men" though...they are cute and adorable. the sexiest man definitely needs to be all man. otherwise i think it loses credibility and becomes the latest teen mag poster kid. maybe daniel craig? matt lauer? joe biden? edward norton? people who arent soo damn in your face. no more george clooney (sexy, yes. but too unoriginal). brad pitt (same) get where i am going...

i got it!!! ricky gervais!!! ok, so he probably doesnt come to mind as the sexiest man alive in the traditional sense, but i mean come on. the man is hilarious, self-depracating, hugely successful and happily married. sounds perfect. well, there you have it. hilary kelley has chosen ricky gervais as the sexiest man alive in 2008. i think its more fun if the guy isnt the "it" actor of the moment, if he isnt the most popular, or best looking for the majority of the population. thats too easy. (secretly i still think they should be who i accidentally named at the top...shhh)