international cjd day...

just wanted to wish those that have been affected by cjd the very best on this international day. im actually quite honored to know that there is a day to celebrate the amazing lives that we are all a part of...daughters, sisters, friends, wives, husbands, brothers, dads, moms, sons, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, etc. and have an opportunity to help honor the lives of those we lost in which we played that role.

so, on this special day, forever november 12, i want to honor and pay my respects to those lives lost to cjd. especially you dad, the most amazing man i have ever known. i love you, miss you, and want to honor you today (and everyday).

i look forward to new developments in cjd research and hopefully one day a cure. i hope to be a part of the ongoing process that is research and development. i love the girls that ive met and want to thank them for their ongoing support. i truly love you all!