things that would horrify your mom (if she knew)

these things crack me up. i love coming across these lists in magazines. thought id share this one.

1. the new guy you are dating is the same her.

2. that you do not bother "hovering" when using a public toilet: yes, your skin actually makes contact with the seat.

3. you carry condoms in your make-up bag...and sometimes even use them.

4. you have a tatoo.

5. that you may never get married...ever.

6. you lied when you told heryour louis vuitton bag was a "knock-off" is how you used last months rent.

7. that you own a fact, several.

8. that the "virus" you had was actually the world's worst three-day hangover.

9. it is not running that helped you drop 2 dress sizes...who knew pole dancing was such great excercise.

there are soooo many more funny ones that i read, but a few were a bit inappropriate for this blog. i hope the few i listed will make you laugh. it did me...haha.