oh where oh where should i go...

san francisco? LA? new york? haha howd that last one get in there?! was that you ali?!? haha. i really do want to head west...i mean happy weather, aaron, family, disneyland, aaron. haha. i dont know about LA necessarily, as much as like it. it doesnt really scream im-ready-to-grow-up-and-fall-in-love, etc. HAHA. itd be fun to be near enough to it to party, but SF is more of a living and working city. its also one of my dads favorite cities and that is kinda cool. but id appreciate any help or advice or opinions on this matter. im thinking the beginning of the year to focus myself on the next step. thanks guys!!


San Fran is my vote!! my best friend from college (steph) is from there, she loved it and was so happy to grow up there, sounds like a great place to really put down roots. plus u hav ur aunt martha near there! always better to know people around.