sunday randomness

happy november!! crazy isnt it?! that only means one thing...good ol bday is only 13 days away!

happy belated halloween. here is a picture of ken and i showing off our moves at this dance party. there was a strobe light that you cant tell from the picture, but it definitely provided yours truly with the idea that she could dance. amazing how that happens. haha! i was a cat (um, after a ten hour work day and only 20 minutes you just put it together...haha, and ken was a member of the US swim team. pretty much, he just wanted a reason to be shirtless and in a speedo...hehe). it was a blast...minus having to get up and go to work the next day. EWW!

so this morning at church they mentioned everyones name that had died this past year. john kelley was one of them, and we now have flowers at work in his memory. i love you dad! i think about my dad everday, and all the greatness that he embodied. everything we went through was truly tragic, but i am proud of how much i have grown up. how i have learned to be more patient, resilient and strong. how i can now appreciate even the smallest of virtues and understand that good people are hard to come by, and i know how lucky i am so have so many. i learned to find the humor in life...whether it be the many times i was trimming my dads eyebrows and nose hairs, or when i dropped a soda in my house and it literally exploded everywhere, working 12 hour days weeks in a row, spilling oodles of pink paint in my hair, or more serious things. my dad taught me all these things. even if he didnt know it. throughout his life he was my rock. during his illness he forced to (unknowingly) to figure it all out...and be his rock. i had the unique opportunity to be his lifeline. i think he is, was and always will be proud of me. i know i will always think of him as my hero. i hope i continue to make him laugh up there in heaven everyday. im forever keeping him young...all the while giving him gray hair! i love you daddio!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

ok, back to work. hope everyone is having a fabulous sunday!!! (is it time to read the comics yet?!)