la la la

can you believe its already december 31st?! its that time of year we reflect back on the past 12 months and think ahead to all the things we want to change, improve, keep the same or just plain appreciate in the coming year. i have not decided on my new years resolution yet.

as i reflect back on the past year, there are obvious lows. some pretty shitty moments. but, you know what, there are some pretty freakin great times too. im happy to be alive, happy, healthy and loved. my heart is full of love from friends and family, and that of a certain boy :) hahaha. we all lost a huge piece of ourselves in 2008...some lost a brother, some lost a son, a friend, a coworker, a husband, uncle, brother-in-law, some lost a dad. the events of 2008 have made me realize how precious life is, how priceless friends and family. how truly loved i am. thank YOU for that. all of you. i mean it, i just cant say it enough :) xoxo

in the meantime, ill work on my resolution and post later... :) loooove you all!! happy new years eve!