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whos exhausted?

why is it monday again?!

anyway, here i am at work desperate to blog cause i havent had a chance in weeks and so much is going on. mom flew in on friday, so as soon as i got off from work i drove to her hotel. the standard. talk about funnnn times. we had the most delicious pizza and fries for dinner, and kicked it poolside. with none other than pauly shore. HA! it had been a month since i saw her. you know, that hasnt happened since college. we headed to pinkberrry for dessert and just chilled at the hotel.

i headed home to grab contact solution and jammies then was going to come back and sleep with her. i got pulled over. long story short (cause its kind of a long one...funny, and i will for sure need to tell it at some point), i need to get new plates and a license.

saturday was moving day. again, long story short, the movers were horrendous (hold your sure you could have guessed if the past 3 weeks were anything to go by). got all my shit into the building and mom and i spent some hours unpacking and getting rid of boxes. she took tons of pics. movers caused a bit of damage to my building, and pissed off a lot of people, but we never have to see them again, so i wont dwell.

my place is fucking adorable. there, i said it. mom and i really worked it out. 95% of the art in my place are susie kelley im lucky.

saturday night was a trip. we met up with uncle dwight and chris for dinner at asia de cuba. food was delicious, company was even better, and celeb spotting was the nights entertainment. we ate a few tables away from joseph gordon-levitt, who we all fell in love with from 500 days of summer.

after dinner, mom and i hung poolside with PA who drove up to say hello. we decided to hit the hotel dance club. lets just say, i found my future hubby. or at least boyfriend. his name is james and he is from australia. he is going out of town for 2 weeks, but when he gets back, we have a date. HA!

sunday was a little sad, knowing it was moms last day. but we had fun. we went to the farmers market, had a great lunch, did a ton more at my apartment and got pinkberry (notice a pattern?!) haha.

mom switched her flight to last night...she grabbed a red eye. worked out so much better. i was able to take her to the airport...which was a treat. so, here i am, back to work today, and having a ball thinking back to it all.

i am super tired...hoping to maybe get a bit more sleep tonight. but i doubt it. thats ok though, i am happy to be moved in, and excited to organize. cant wait to hear what you guys think when you see pics :)

ok, i gotta go, more updates soon! soo much to say!!!


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