just a boring thought by yours truly

seems life really does come full circle.
in order to prep for college and everything, i opened a checking account with wells fargo.
once i moved back east i closed that one and opened one with a bank closer.
(this was a few years ago and wells fargo was non existent in the east).

here i am, back in cali, and i was thinking id open an account out here...and i was thinking
wells fargo. ok, dorky story, but whatever...thats my life. :) haha

im heading back up to LA tomorrow, and into my apt. i bought a fan at costco yesterday for
$30...so hopefully i dont die of heat exhaustion. ill send pics when i get there :)


yeahh! exciting! I think i had wells fargo when i was in AZ too...miss it. way back then their checking and savings had much better rate than bank of america because it was so small...hopefully it still does!
so excited/proud of you for doing so much in the last few weeks! life is happening really fast right now!!
love you...cant wait for pics!