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good news.

i got me a job!!!!

i just got a call from Anis at american apparel. i got the job. basically i am the resource assigner, which described by them is as follows: (cause, really, i have no idea...haha)

Jobe Description:
Assigns production resources based on stock levels.

Detailed Work Activities:
*Creating master sew orders (MSO) for wholesale and retail to support company and sewing production requirements.
*Analyzing production reports in order to allocate best resources for production.
*Communicating fabrics needs to Fabric Planning department and inquiring on fabric arrivals.
*Constant interaction with Production Planning Sewing Coordinator in regards to current/future production plans.
*Close communication with Trim department regarding trims for new and/or existing styles.
*Uses computers to enter, access, or retrieve data.

*Revising MSOs when required due to design changes, labor or material shortages.
*Ensuring MSOs are being cut in a timely manner based on production needs and following-up with appropriate departments.
*Analyzing data/reports to guarantee resources are being allocated accordingly.
*Responsible for pushing MSOs in Assigned and CIP status thru the pipeline.
*Informing /Updating Sewing Coordinators with information regarding to increase/decrease of resources assigned.

*Must be extremely detail-oriented, organized and able to multi-task multiple projects simultaneously.
*Intermediate computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Excel.
*Results oriented, self starter and creative thinker.
*Strong written and verbal communications skills
*Strong problem solving and trouble shooting skills
*Flexible team player with ability to establish strong working relationships with internal partners.

so there you have it. i am a fish out of water. but, as i am reminded by my amazing family, they would not have hired me if they didnt see something in me. i have to believe that. and, really, what the hell did i know about magazine stuff before urban?? ill answer that...not a damn thing. and they liked me there...i grew into it. i did a good job. this just better be like that. haha.

but, look, i keep telling myself that if i can get a job, an apt, get my car, and get a move together in a week...i can do this. and when i get moments of WHAT AM I DOING i know who to call. yep...all of you! haha :)

love you guys!!

abbs and i got ice cream on balboa today, and are heading out for dinner to celebrate.


Drew said…
I need some advice from you. I've been looking for 9 months and no job offers!!!

How much are they paying? When do you start?
Drew said…
Oh is the person who hired you called Anis (as in butt?) Childish humor, I know.
yeah Hil! Congrats on everything...we are so proud...and look at that...beat ur own bro to it all! hahahaha! love you :)
hilary said…
hahaha thats funny drew...sadly. no. its pronounced ah-neece.

i start august 17th. please pray i get my stuff by then :)

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