Monday, August 31, 2009


internet in the apartment! now if i could just figure out my damn cable box. it doesnt let me change the channel. well, that is just not cute.

can you believe its september 1st tomorrow?! wow!! i like that its a fresh month tomorrow. got my i just want to "be". not stress about moving, cable guys, jobs, etc. i want to get into a routine. i want to go for a run (lord knows i need it) or walk and come home at the end of the day and feel comfy. aside from it being sweltering in here, its great. my apartment has the susie kelley touch and its perfect. now all im missing is the boyfriend. hahahahaha just kidding.

i live in LA. i live in LA. um, yea still not sure it has sunk in. i mean, it was a month since i saw my mom. i mean, jesus!! a month!!!!!!! wtf?! when i dropped her off at the airport, we agreed that it felt like i was at college again. sooo weird.

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