Sunday, August 2, 2009

moving to LA: blog update #1

holy lord.
my week started with a 4:30 am wake-up call on monday july, 27th...and has not slowed down since. i flew to LAX with 90 pounds of luggage and went straight to an interview. from there, i hailed a cab to craigs house where i would crash for the next few days.

throughout the week i had several job interviews and spent countless hours walking and driving the city calling every "for rent" ad i saw. i saw some pretty gross places...getting to the point where i just felt so desperate to sign a damn lease.

craig, his roommate ben and his buddy trevor and i all hung out a lot. we made food together and got yogurt every night. we watched movies and had some great laughs. it was funny...ben referred to us all hanging out as a family, as in "here we go...our first family road trip" on the way to manhattan beach for a bit of beach insanity. kinda cute. i might a huge effort to do the dishes and buy groceries...i wanted them to think i wasnt just a free loader. not that they did, im just weird.

fast forward 4 days...i found IT. honestly, my head is so foggy that i hope its as great as i remember...haha. but, its about a 15 minute from a cute part of town. i move in august 10th...which is as fast as i could do it.

however, with that being a week away i felt like i needed to find somewhere else to go. if i HAAAD to, i have no doubt that craigster would let me stay here...but i didnt want to do that. you hear stories from everyone saying they crashed with someone for 6 weeks, 9 weeks, etc. i crashed with craig for 5 i dont feel like i overstayed or anything...just never want to feel that. he has been incredible. im going to head down to irvine this morning and stay with uncle dwight for the week until i can move in. its great...i can hopefully get some sleep, do some laundry, and hopefully unstress a little...i have a huge mucus/stress cyst in my mouth from my life. haha. gross i know...but ive had them before. theyre a bitch.

as for exercise...i am now just starting to feel less stiff. my tailbone still hurts, but that startedf before the race. i think a combo from new sneaks, training...and stress. i vowed after the half marathon that id take 2 weeks off any sort of exercise...i think its a great idea. once i get my apt and my routine, ill get back into it. until then, its a deserved break.

breakfast time...more updates to come!

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