you must check this out

on the american apparel intranet there is a blogroll that i check every morning. one of the blogs on there is:
(the name is priceless)

you must check this out! its hilarious! and just so fun. i emailed her and might intern for her. just being an extra hand for her and help handle everything from website updates to managing her social networks. she lives near me, and once i get a bit settled, i think itd be soo great!! :)

let me know what you think of it. im obsessed :)


ohh hil! exciting stuff...i think LA was just waiting for you. You were meant for LaLa land!

my sister erin is all excited that u work for american apparel. she said if there are any of the winter leggings hanging around in a Large (since she is so freakin tall) she was wondering if u could snag her a really cool wacky pair! haha thats her...shes jealous of ur new job :) hehe
soo glad to see you back on ur blog! love you
hilary said…
umm, are the winter leggings the same as the reg leggings?? if you send me a pic, or an item # (from online) i can get a better idea. what color?! i am more than happy to snag her a pair for sure!!!! lets exploit the discount...the shits expensive otherwise :)

love you soooooo much rach! whats been going on...any update on NC??????