Monday, August 3, 2009

edited to add:

...did you hear the one about me running the half marathon in 1:39:00??!?! haha ok, the only reason im blogging that is so that i never is now documented forever. i have something kinda cool to bring to the table. and really, if my body never heals, this is why. i will never forget it. HAHA :)

also, the other night, after the day at manhattan beach, i headed back down into venice beach to help lindsay eller set up for her play "expressing motherhood". she had asked me if i was available to lend a hand...of course!! eel picked me up and we gave out wine, desserts, these killer cookies...and mingled. it was a 14 act play, with each act being a mom with her own unique story...some were funny, some were sad, some were short, some were long. for mom (this was my favorite) told the hilarious story of how her sons annoyances in the car during errands, poking her and crying along with her 3 siblings got her to the point that she broke, and told her son that he was acting like an asshole. now, picture her saying this with laughter in her voice, and shame in her eyes. the way she explained how embarrassed and gross she felt...but how real a moment it was was the point of the story...really, the point of the play.

it was, to me, kinda like what i always felt about college. everyone says its the greatest time of your life. noone ever told me that it was HARD. noone ever said you have to study...alot. noone mentioned 8am classes, and shitty teachers. noone mentioned boring powerpoints, stupid gened classes and meal plans. just the parties, beer and boys. but at the end of the day, all the pieces make it great.

now i know very little about motherhood...except that i have a mom. but i think its like that. everyone says how great little babies are, how cute they are, how much you will love them. noone tells you how shitty it will be to not sleep, not feel good, be hormonal, etc. so this play was entertaining in that regard. the guy next to me was like "makes you not want to have kids, huh"? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA it was the funniest thing ever. and true. :)

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