and you thought your monday morning was tough...

i flipped on the news this AM (thats right dad, your daughter watches the news...and on her own free will, no less!!!!) only to hear about a 30-year old man assaulting an 83 year old woman in her home last night. he broke in, and assaulted her. wtf?!?!

ok, there are way too many issues here to even begin thinking about how to dissect this. first, are you really that bored? or angry? PMSing, perhaps? lonely? a stupid fucktard??

yea, im going with the last one. what kind of person assaults, well anyone really, but an 83 year old woman? dear god.

how does someones interworkings get so messed up.

thats all the time, energy and space this story gets, as my blog is not dedicated to all things wrong with the world. it is, however, a great place to vent frustrations regarding stupid things i hear. kinda fun. and this one was just nuts?!!!