happy birthday foxes!

haha, that can totally be taken two ways. (they are cute, so it works...haha)

last night was the birthday party for aaron and bryan. they are now offically 30!!! its so exciting :)
anyway, i had sent them birthday cards earlier in the week, but was soooooo psyched to see them out. it had been a little while. one of my best friends, craig dewey, came with me. he came over to my apartment earlier and we hung out before we headed out.

ok, so lets address the elephant in the room. or on the blog, rather ;)
i am not one of those people that "get over" someone...at least i dont phrase it like that. i think that sounds incredibly rude and ignorant. sure, my relationship or opinion of someone may change, but its a shift in perspective. "im over you" is just stupidly mean. what happened between aaron and i sucked, sure, but i ultimately think his billing me was a reaction to him feeling hurt by me first. i have had numerous convos about this with ali and craig and they agree. of course that doesnt make it right, and surely not ok, but it makes him human.

he was the first guy that i truly, truly liked on a deeper level. well, the first one out of college. im hopeful that living in the same city may reignite something. i mean, i surely have a crush on him. ok, ok, i see all of you rolling your eyes!! and i get it. you love me, and dont want me to be hurt. but i like having crushes on people. and hes a crush. for now...just a crush.
(shhh, i may want more...hehehehe.....but ill keep it to myself for now!) haha...

drew...i know, you are just shaking your head. but you know me...having a stupid crush is just what i do. no worries...not planning our wedding, or uber romantic date nights...just keeping it at a distance. but crushes are necessary :)

ok, thanks for listening guys!