Sunday, September 13, 2009

congratulations sba!!

saturday, september 12th, 2009...sarah got engaged! :)
i know what you all must be thinking. you thought itd be me...figuring it made the most sense that id settle down first. hahahah!??!?! i couldnt even keep that joke going for 5 seconds :) excuse me while i finish laughing ;)

anyway, congratulations sarah!!! i am so excited for you guys. i dont know much about all of this, except for what i learned from i have to say im pinching myself for you. i cant wait to see the ring!! :)

all my best to you guys...youre both amazing, and i am so happy tim is a part of the family. (now can we please all cross our fingers for a cool guy for me. i seems to date the douchbags) :)


skpa said...'ll be next!!!!

hilary said...

ohh yea, didnt i tell you...aaron proposed ;)