hey, its ok...

...to have the odd crazy night out on a sunday. it is technically still the weekend.

...to be secretly glad summer is winding down. no need to wax every inch of your body in autumn...phew

...to spend three hours writing a three-sentence email to the guy youre trying to ask out

...to want to kill anyone who dares talk to you on a monday morning

...to not quite have the emotional strength to delete that toxic ex-boyfriend from your facebook friends

...to cringe whenever you see the abbreviation LOL. doubly so when its LMAO. laughing my ass off? not remotely - and even less so now

...to own green, blue and gold eyeliners, but end up sticking to good old black

...if you pick up a coin in the street. but draw the line at pennies...unless theyre heads up

...if you get the barman to serve you by accidentally-on-purpose giving him an eyeful of your cleavage. whatever works

i just love reading these in magazines. just so entertaining :)