what the hell was that?!

i found out why california would prefer you to not talk on the phone while driving. well, actually, they forbid it. you can catch glimpses of people who still chat anyway, or are just using bluetooth, desperate to text, chat, or whatever.

so here i was...chatting with mom while on the way to work. i was heading down melrose, about a half mile from the freeway, when i felt a jolt and heard a huuuge crash. wtf?!??! i swore for about 2 minutes on the phone and looked to my right. all that was left of my passenger side mirror were two cords, flapping in the wind. i had hit a parked car, and knocked my mirror clear off. ?!?!?!??! ok, its funny now. and the more people i talk to, the funnier it gets, as i am starting to wonder how and why it took me so long to do this!! haha.

now, remember, i am still on the phone. in shock, shaking a tiny bit and still swearing, i laugh for a sec. and ask the obvious, "hey mom, what the fuck do i do?!" what i wouldnt give to see her face that very second. my mirror is gone. if you know anything about my precious baby golf, you know that it is not short of dings. mom has hit it 6 times alone, and has left her mark. because of that, i have lost all obsession with car vanity. buuuut, what the hell!??! this particular morning, i think i was a combo of things...pissed and annoyed we didnt have labor day off, annoyed it was monday, tired, and just not paying attention. i didnt think i was that close to the car. but i was. going home from work that day i tried to find my mirror on the side of the road...no luck. and the next morning i didnt see it either. soo, eventually ill get one. until then, i drive a ghetto car. now, not just dinged up, but officially missing parts! hahahaha.

you go get 'em hil. just keep truckin :)

as im sure you all appreciate my ridiculous stories, there will be more to come.
love you all!! :)


skpa said…
I really had a good laugh over this. finally!