Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hurry up tuesday!

today feels like a major time warp. it was 9:15, then 9:16 and it just wouldnt pass by quickly. the 11 o'clock hour was painful, then a quick lunch and now a very slow afternoon. why are some days like that?!

here i sit, at 2:45 and i just cant help but wish it was 4:45. jesus. 2 hours. brutal. on top of that, my tv lost its signal last night so i cant watch it. cable guy said "it looks fine on my end", to which i replied, "well, its not working so can you please help me". no he cant. and he cant send a guy until at least the weekend. ohh, well fabulous.

so, pray for a miracle guys. pray that when i go home, it will have miraculously figured itself out. id really like that.

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