Thursday, November 5, 2009

mindless reading entertainment

heres your daily dose of i-tore-this-out-of-a-magazine-and-wanted-to-share-it!!

hey, its OK...
...if yesterday's workout involved you on top of him - and not the treadmill
...if you find it amusing that the man on the bus cant stop watching you eat that banana not re-heel your shoes until they sound like tap shoes quickly minimize your eamil when your nosiest colleague comes over have a degree but no cluse how to change a plug flinch like a scalded cat when you pick up a dress with a $1000 price tag. but then make like you can totally afford it not get why everyone thinks taylor momson is a style crush. she looks like courtney love boast about getting asked for ID have double standards about big bums. women are allowed them, men are not

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