in honor of the holiday season...

i bring you a fun and entertaining list of 6 times its great to be naughty, and 3 times you should be nice

6 times to be naughty:
*when it has sprinkles on top
*when youre babysitting your nephew and he asks for s'mores for dinner
*whenever you're within, oh, a football field's length of a sprig of magic mistletoe
*when the dress makes you look sexier than the bride (who wrote that dumb rule, anyway?)
* when the seating gods put you next to the hottest guy on the plane
*the day before you make your resolutions

3 times to be nice:
*the morning after he was naughty in exactly the way you asked him to be
*when the gift isnt perfect, but the giver is damn close
*when you've already tried being naughty and it didnt work