no title needed. just me blogging random hil-isms

mom and i are always joking back and forth regarding how/why/where certain cliches came from. "i gotta see a man about a horse" was always a popular one with my dad. hahaha, but what the hell does it mean??! it makes mom and i crack up every time!!

anyway, i get thinking about life, and dad and funny things that just pop in my head. happens quite often.
i live in los angeles. ha...still so funny to me. i dont know if anything in life, will ever again, feel real. i feel like i have done, seen, felt, heard and touched a lot of things in life. i have allowed myself (and quite frankly, forced myself) to really grow and mature in situations. i feel pretty great about turning 26. and why shouldnt i...its not like i can change it :) haha. as i grow up, i really feel like i am learning "me." one of the greatest things about getting older is learning to appreciate yourself, learn yourself, and learn what makes you happy. i love standing for things i like, learning not to compromise on certain things. i like it. i like me. no, no, not all the time, and everyone in my life will tell you how stupidly, ridiculously, unbelievably hard on myself i am. that will never stop. but i am learning how to grow into hilary armstrong kelley. a name and a person i truly like. love. (even if there are zillions of things i like to continue to improve, maintain and learn about). cause once you think you are everything you should be...thats it. the road is over. i never want to get there. there is always something more to learn, to do, to say.

thanks mom and dad, i learned all that from you.