Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Joy to the World


i know i know i already covered that.
but, you see, its my blog, and i can repeat myself as often as i see fit ;) hehe.

plus, this time of year just gets me. i blame the music, the lights, the candy canes, movies, the hot chocolate, the love in the air, my ungodly out-of-control boy craziness and all things cozy.

i mean its christmas time people! loosen up! love it! it will be gone again before you know it and you can take the other 11 months of the year to piss around. right now, im obsessed with all things happy. too many people out and about? yes...there are. but its fun. traffic really sucks?? does. for the guy ahead of you too. and the mom behind you. we all hate traffic and are annoyed. not just you :) pump up the tunes, hit the heater button and relax! and make some phone calls. or just groove and sing along. itll be ok i swear.

i have my scrooge moments too. not mad or mean ones, but those of sadness and longing for my dad :) i miss him dearly. daily. however, it never ceases to amaze me the absolute strength i get from talking to my dads sisters. i hope to get up north and see aunt martha soon. i will definitely do it as soon as i get a long weekend. i may even trek up there for the weekend of new years...hmmm. i kind of like that idea.

anyway, life is precious and special and amazing. its hard and challenging and sad. its funny, cold, simple, and long. its hilarious and warm, complicated and ironic. its all these things. life is all of them. sometimes all at once.

so there you have it. a little bit of my thoughts today. little preachy, little hokey, little random, all hilary. i have a crazy brain. i absolutely love this blog, and will come back tomorrow to share more of my december thoughts. in the meantime, stay warm, and turn up the christmas tunes. i swear...youll melt.

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