Tuesday, December 15, 2009

on the 10th day before christmas...

...my head was racing! i was working! it was tuesday!
it is december 15th already. so insane!
this is actually annoying, but already this morning i was thinking that in 2 weeks i will be back at work after my trip home. haha, i know, my brain is annoying. i told you! i just cant seem to shut it off!

in ten days mom and i will be BESTIES REUNITED. a weekend spent watching tv, movies, sleeping, or out shopping, checking out clooneys new movie (date night!!), or cooking. its going to be the greatest 3 days of my life. i cant believe it will have been 6 months since i have been home. thats sick. i cant wait to see and play with the kitties!!!!! i miss those guys :)

been thinking about dad a lot. i think i always will. but i really feel like im in a good place. granted that feeling comes and goes, and always will. good days and bad days are par for the course of life :) you can quote me on that.

so as i trek my way through it, i channel those i love, those i aspire to please and make proud, and those that make me laugh, cry and wobble. im a tough chick.