i have mentioned that at any given time, i have a zillion thoughts scrambling in this head of mine. i have concluded that everyone can feel all these different things all at once. maybe not all the time, but some times. they just don’t talk about it. i have a million different opinions in one day. i stare at dudes i wanna make-out with, and the minute they open their mouth, i wanna run. sometimes i make-out with them first and then run. i think about how i don’t want to be tied down and how much i love being single, but the minute it gets cold out, i want a boy who ‘gets’ me/knows me/loves me- to cuddle with. the point is: everyone can be a complete contradiction. we’re all just figuring it out. hopefully not hurting anyone’s feelings along the way.

and, then, sometimes, even for me, one skeaky dude weasels his way into my life and into my heart and snags a teeeeensy little piece of it. before i know it, i seem to actually like this guy. im sorry, what? i dont remember this being a part of the rules...