Friday, December 11, 2009

whats your style?

ok, so this time of year you hear it everywhere. you think about it all the time. you stress about it. you compare how you do it to others. you hope you think of all the best ideas, get all the perfect ones. every other magazine ad, tv ad and radio commercial is about it. what, exactly, am i talking about??

none other than christmas shopping!!!!!

are you one of those people, like my grandmother, who christmas shop a whole year ahead. no, i am not kidding. her presents are already being bought for christmas 2010. yea. i never understood it either. in fact, its a cute way we tease her, because quite frankly, i dont want a 2009 shirt in 2010. why cant we just get it now?! haha.

then there are my best friends and brother who are out on christmas eve just hoping to get a decent something-or-other. christmas 2 years ago was hilarious when drew and i went to park city on christmas eve to get presents. the fun part is that my family is SUPER low maintenance so it works. we arent fussy, and my dad was actually super happy with chocolate and his fave treats (albeit he was very ill at this point, but it reminded us just how special playing board games and getting simple treasures beats anything). its more about who you are with, than what you get. i really do mean that. aside from a few treasures i have my eye on, i really do love giving more than receiving.

i send out christmas cards every year. i love to write, and knowing that my loved ones get to open a christmas card from me makes me happy. i know how special i feel when i get mail so i like to constantly write letters to people. sometimes a really simple note or letter, no matter how short it is, can make someones day.

me? well, im spending christmas this year with my mom. just us. in lancaster. its going to be perfect. she and i might venture out to do a little shopping together on saturday, and we will buy each other stuff then. no fuss. no mess. no stress. just best friends doing what they do. just being with her this christmas is my present. truly. i really cant wait!! i cant wait to step off the plane and HUG HER IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mom..........only 13 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, technically, my red eye is in 13 days...i will get to hug her at 10am on friday, christmas day. best way to start out christmas, no?!

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