Thursday, December 3, 2009

26 going on 18...

as i adjust to life here in California, and learn to really "get" that i live here, i am really starting to feel more and more like i am back in college. let’s go through the checklist, shall we?

im far away from home
i dont get nearly enough sleep

i have the most awesome guy friends and hang
with them all the time

my typical uniform is hoodies, thermals and roos (a la american apparel, urban, etc)

i search for any spare change under my car seats to pay for soda

i use my apartment complex washer and dryer, and get super excited when its
available when i need it to be

im broke 98% of the time (no, not really. i just wish i had money like my dad)

i take a lot of shots. sure, theres wine with dinner, but more often than not
we arent classy drinkers

there are so many more things too. just cracks me up. i love the little life i have created out here. special shout out to ben and craig. the two loves of my life. without you guys, well, lets just not even go there :)

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