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a little piece of my heart

being that it is a special time of year, i wanted to take a minute and just thank you all for supporting me throughout my life. at the ripe old age of 26, i am on one hell of a leg of my journey. having just moved to los angeles, i am now 3800 miles away from the women that gave me life. but, in my heart, i am with her always. now, drew, on the other hand, is probably so happy to finally have some space between us! haha just kidding. my crew from home and i are tied for life. some how, some way, we all found each other and have remained "us" since. we got through high school, college, first jobs, new cities, shitty boyfriends, first loves, new jobs, cooler boyfriends, nights of tears, nights of laughs, nights of too-much-drunkiness that we peed in public, deaths, surgeries, bad hair experimentation, being broke, road trips, and soo SOO soo much more that i am just so fucking proud to have experienced. my girls, i love you. i cant wait to play in these next 50 years :)

im going to forgoe the traditional "new years resolution" this year cause, well, ive really never made them. dad was always pretty clear that if you want to make a change, start tomorrow. why wait?! however, in the spirit of the holiday, i want to propose that i will continue to raise awareness and money for CJD...i want to do at least another half marathon on top of the SF one set for this summer (drew and i are already doing it). that should allow some opportunity to raise some money. also, i want to continue to let those that i love just that. that i love you. with all the moving and changes i made these past 4 months, i havent written nearly as many letter as i normally do. i will work on that. i am getting settled, and love to write, so i will definitely amp up my mailings! watch those mailboxes!! :)

also, i am going to attempt to go with the flow with certain things. said boy, you are one of them. you arent all up in my space when i think you should be, you dont say or do things people think you should, etc?! neither do i. i get it. i need to lighten up. yes dad, i think i hear you. this will take some time. some work. but thats the point right...that i am going to try to work on it.

all in all, i think its safe to say we are all a work-in-progress. thats whats fun about life though, right?! we will all eat too much this holiday, and even after it, we will sleep too little, sometimes eat too little, we will laugh too much or too little, or at the wrong time, we will be selfish some days, maybe even months. we will spend too much money one month, only to save a lot the next month. we will forget to take the trash out, but remember friends and family birthdays. we will spend some sundays doing nothing but eating and laying on the couch, watching really bad tv. some sundays will be spent running 13.1 miles for charity. some nights will be spent alcohol-induced, some stark sober. some days our houses will sparkle cause we cleaned it top-to-bottom and sometimes it wont. sometimes the laundry will get done, and sometimes not. there is so much out there to experience, so much to see. the goal is to live your life how you want, and see what you want. spend your money how you want. laugh at the jokes you think are funny. cry when you are sad. be there when someone needs you and pay that forward.

most of all, be you. thats it. thats your new years resolution. you are so much more than good enough. and i am so lucky to have YOU in my life. so thank you. i will see you all in 2010!!!!!!!!


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