10 little lies women tell each other

  • sure, you should totally get a third cat!
  • im glad he went for you. im not that into italian soccer players
  • honey, thats just water weight - itll come right off as soon as you have the baby
  • this was really fun. i love a good closet clean-out
  • of course you and your boyfriend can stay with me for a week. ill just sleep on the couch - its no problem
  • nah, i dont really want dessert either
  • bethenny who? i dont even watch that show
  • no, no, yours is much mpre tasteful than the typical tramp stamp
  • i know hes bad for me, and i promise i am so over him
  • you went with plaid walls! nice!

isnt this just the perfect little blog post to make you smile, laugh and destress on a friday? yes? then i have done my job :) tgif, baby!!