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lemon, lime and all that jazz

yea, that title means nothing. im feeling super random, bored, giddy...and that title just felt like it summed it up. we are having another gross day here. (not that i can see it, we dont have a window in our office)...but my ride here was rainy and cold. welcome to california!

it actually makes me think of home. ive been thinking about a lot of things recently. i constantly think about dad, and how similar he and i are/were. though an extremely friendly guy, he was pretty independent. he enjoyed his space. thats me. he liked certain foods, liked to run, liked to do things his way. he was easy to get along with, and definitely more than happy to lend a hand, but like me, liked his life his way...and doing it his way. thats me.

i love to have a good time, i love to travel, i love to go to new places and try new things, but i also really love to be type-A. i love lists. in fact, i make them for everything. i love to schedule. i love to plan. im a weird dichotomy. i get it :) its definitely not lost on me.

i refuse to make apologies for bullshit. i wont put up with it (to an extent). i live for my family and friends (and me!). if you dont like me, piss off. if you dont like my friends, piss off. i dont live to make sure everyone likes me (it would be great, of course...but unfortunately, its never going to happen). my dad taught me so many great life lessons that i continue to live by. that is one. i wont treat you like a bitch and gossip about you to make myself feel better. you may do it to me, but i wont to you. my damn conscience wont let me. i will bust my ass for you...if it turns out that you burn me, or something of the sort, youre on your own.

granted, i could go on and on about all that. basically, i realize this. i have truly incredible people in my life. people that would die for me. people i would die for. people that make me laugh and cry and feel good, and special. people that make me want to be a better person (but come on, this cant get better! haha just kidding). i dont have room for anything less. thats basically it. life is too short to be surrounded by energy-suckers.

team kelley, baby :)
(ps, drew, i totally see you rolling your eyes!) haha......


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