Monday, October 12, 2009

new york state of mind

...and shes off! momma kelley is heading to nyc tomorrow :) i cant think of anyhere id rather be than on that train, heading to see, not only the city, but ali! and stern! and katie! and so many others! guys, im there in spirit!! :)

this is such a pretty time of year back home. all the colors and crispness. the warmth of the heat inside. fires. throwing on a nice, thick fleece and sitting inside on the couch. i really love it. (to a point...its that damn -30 degrees and soon-to-be-winter freezingness i hate).

its chilly here in cali right now, so i feel a little bit like im experiencing "fall". im not getting the full effect of the leaves changing colors, or the way i would feel with my mom near me. but i wont waste time on the blog being a baby about it.

on a side note, congrats to drew for living his first week in north carolina. fingers crossed they get the house they want...more updates to come!!

happy monday everybody!

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