Sunday, October 11, 2009

a new twist on boxed wine

if you are like me, when you think of boxed wine, you think of your college years. it reminds me of the years i spent in tucson, slumming it with boxed wine and mickeys 40s. they were fabulous times. truly fabulous. and i have more than enough memories of good friends and i waking up to boxes and bottles all over our apartment :) we thought we were cool. and we were, of course ;)
we just drank ona  budget. "2 buck chuck" was a best friend too.

now, at age 25, i am no better at classy drinking. sure, ive gone to swanky bars in new york, LA, lancaster and philly, and drank $20/glass wine with dinner or during nights out. ive even been schooled by my uber-classy grandfather on the art of really drinking red wine. really appreciating it. but, more often than not, we buy whatever wine is on special, or at least under $12. we snag the cheaper wines, the cheaper beers, and get whatever is on tap at the bar. 

i think its cool to have experienced all sorts of types of drinking. i like good wine, i like good vodka. but, sometimes, i just like a good time :) haha.

all this brings me to my discovery. target sells boxed wine...quality boxed wine. you read that correctly. this is no oxymoron. the boxed wines you will find at target include pinot grigio, merlot, sauvignon blanc, just to name a few. and the boxes are beautiful. i know i know, that doesnt matter...its whats inside that counts. whatever...thats a lie. 

so, get yourself to target, and experience the classed up boxed wine that i so excitedly discovered today. so much so that i had to share a picture! haha. lets toast to it!

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