Friday, October 16, 2009

one of lifes simple pleasures

one of the coolest things i notice in life is seeing an older gentlemen and women holding hands. or laughing together. out to a movie, at the mall, or just drinking coffee. can you imagine the life they have lived together? they were lucky enough to find each other, and even luckier to want to work hard to make it last.

i have fallen more in love with this since the loss of my father. i am intrigued by older men, and often picture my dad at that age. i project my parents onto older couples in my brings me happiness and i love to think how they would be.

that, and i wonder, too, if that will ever be me. but i digress. me and boys...hehe.

i think being married is somewhat of a dying art form, but i dont think its gone. i think we sometimes get lazy. love is pretty cool (from what little i know of it). i know how hard relationships are...complicate that with kids and life and man, its a wonder any of them last. but my family has provided me with the best examples. all of my family. BUT, i sometimes wonder if i am going to be like my grandfather. hes pretty happy, and we have pretty similar that we dont need/want to get attached to things too much. were pretty independent and act like "love 'em and leave 'em types). i have exceptions to this rule, but i dont does seem i have followed in his path thus far., i can just see your face right now :) 

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