how normal are your morals?

i was perusing this months UK cosmo...and came across this little snippet. i thought it was pretty funny, and am more than happy to share it with you all :) have fun seeing where you fit.

8 'weird' things that are very, very normal:

1. supermarket grazing. those who eat items in the aisles without declaring them at the checkout (i am guilty of this...right mom and dad?!)

2. selling our souls. almost half of us would sell a celeb kiss-n-tell story to the tabloids. (ABSOLUTELY!)

3. suffering from price amnesia. one in four women dont tell their partner the true cost of new shoes. meanwhile, one in five go the extra mile and rip up the receipt or credit card statement.

4. fibbing to preserve our integrity. 45% of women reduce the real number of notches on their bedpost for fear of being labelled promiscuous. a shameful 29% of men up their figure to impress friends.

5. recycling gifts. a whopping 78% of women have no qualms about passing off a second-hand gift as a new one. (not weird. sometimes i think my friends would love something i wont. its smart!)

6. saying "i do" - but for richer, not poorer. an honest 38% of singletons would marry a man based simply on his bank account. (this is funny to joke about, not really do. come on girls!)

7. checking his inbox. 28% of women would read their partners emails.

8. wondering if it really was his boss who just called. an incredible 66% of us sneak a peek at his mobiel when hes out of the room.

there are so many other things that we could have fun talking about here too. so many things!
but its fun to see where you stand. sometimes in life you gotta be immoral :) haha....