hey its ok...

...to be secretly relieved when its not sunny, because you can justify staying in bed.

...to only know which bars you frequented last saturday night after they appear on your bank statement

...if your five-year-old cookery book has never been opened

...to have more make-up in your desk drawer than on your dressing table

...if you dont want to go on that blind date. sofa + twilight + giant bag of kettle chips = so much easier

...to make him carry your bags even though they arent that heavy

...if you turn out the lights and keep schtum when you hear, "trick or treat!" at the front door

...to not want to lend your flaky friend your favorite top.

...if you have an irrational fear of being crushed by the ticket barriers at the train station

...to re-apply your lipgloss when someone pulls out a camera, but still act 'candid'