Thursday, October 22, 2009

being a kid was the best

a bunch of us were reminiscing about our childhoods today. we agreed that we grew up with some pretty incredible tv shows, dolls, toys, parents and sports. we had some of the best cartoons and movies. it was so fun (and funny) remembering all of our favorites.

not to mention all the fun things you get to do without really thinking about it. all those soccer tournaments we played in...i definitely wasnt thinking about how hard it would be for my parents to give up their weekend. or driving me to school. going to amusements parks. cooking dinner every night. my god parents are amazing, arent they?! thats not to say that being a kid is easy as pie, but if you had parents like mine, it was pretty phenomenal. and my friends: we were, and still are, a stellar bunch :)

more thoughts to come tomorrow, but id like to think the best is still yet to come. i like to be in the moment...sure, being a kid was fun. but  being an adult has its perks too :) hope there are tons more life lessons and good things to come!!

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