10 reasons being perfect is overrated

*when you finally find a guy who's thoughtful enough to pick up his socks, he'll make you pick up yours too.

*avoiding chipped fingernails means no gardening, no pistachio eating, no "heart and soul" playing. not worth it!

*nobody interesting has neat hangwriting.

*well, its exhausting.

*have you seen the venus de milo? awe-inspiring-and yet, missing two arms.

*your being a size 4 wont make him better in bed.

*every happy family has a pathelogical liar arsenist cousin who owes them $2000. or some such.

*mutts are just the cutest.

*breast implants need replacing every 10 years or so. just FYI.

*if you act like a perfect professional all the time, no one will talk to you at the office holiday party.