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its my blog and ill bitch if i want to

i try to not really be much of a "bitcher". i try to find the good in things. really, i do. but im struggling right now with a few things.

is it too much to ask that a boy that i like, like me back. i mean genuinely like me back. ask me how im doing every once in a while, just text to say hello. simple, stupid, yet cute things. apparently, the answer is a resounding YES. wayyyy to much. i cant do it anymore. i cant send care packages, texts, cards or anything else if i never get anything back. and im not a stalker...these things were for thank-yous, holidays and birthdays. (and approved by family and friends...i mean, i know it sounds like i went overboard but i really didnt...swear!!!). i didnt do any of these things so that i got anything in return...its just that i feel a bit like it all went to waste. sad.

if you own a business you need to pay your employees every 2 weeks. this is not up for discussion. im sorry. i have bills, and landlords and bill collectors dont appreciate "oh im sorry i cant pay this month, i didnt get my paycheck"...yea, doesnt fly. so, really, i need a paycheck...every two weeks. or i need to quit. this is the second time (out of two times) we have gotten paid wayyyy late. UGH!

can my skin please clear up?! its really pissing me off. im trying everything i can...good god!

im sure i can think of more things i could bitch about, but im starting to annoy myself :) haha. and getting a little bummed about the boy thing (i have a one track mind i swear). but i really liked this one...theres gotta be a boy out there that will like me as much as i like him. i mean, there are like 2 billion people in the world right?! i can list about 1 billion ive liked at one point or another, ha!! i think maybe ill just become a nun. (i said this the other day, and a great friend of mine told me id be kicked out before i even became part of the convent)...theres someone that truly knows me! haha. but yea, just a little sad, frusterated and low about it. i thought we made a good match...think hes just not that into it. god damn it.


nope, none of that is too much to ask will all happen in good me, the last few years have taught me patients. Now thats a bitch...I HATE waiting for anything or anyone! AHHH thats the thing that makes me want to tear out my hair. Im still waiting for lots of things I had hoped for before 30...which of course is right around the corner. Drew made a comment because we shoveled for like 3 hrs yesterday that he was a young 28 yr old w lots of energy, i told him to enjoy that for the next 2 wks or so...hehehehe
ps, the zit thing...never goes away. again, almost 30, still gettin them! ugh!
guess that means no CA then huh? or is this one from PA?

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