im tellin' ya...i have helped quite a few shoppers that have just left me baffled, or cracking up, or awkward, or just plain pissed off. its amazing how different people are. how people act in everyday certain people have manners and others dont, and the utter lack of knowledge people have in regards to hiding the fact that they are rude, ignorant and pissy.

look, bucko...i had a rough night last night too. i didnt sleep well. im pissed off. i have to go to the bathroom. im stressed about the economy too...i may not make rent. i have to clean my apt. i need to go buy cat food and vacuum. but i wont act like that to you. all you should know about me is that i am happy, working hard, and will do anything to make your shopping experience wonderful. so, please, do the same for me. dont throw a pile of clothes on the floor. dont demand anything...simply request it. please, thank you, and a smile are all free but are universally appreciated.

it is my job to help you, and, believe me, i want to. i want you to look beautiful or find something for a loved one to do the same. i want to make you happy, and smile, and boost your confidence. i want you to find something that takes your breath away, that surprises even you. all of that makes me happy. but you need to work with me. we are on the same team.

that said, happy shopping! haha :)


ah hil, as my ghetto neighbors would say "amen girl" that is like everything I have ever wanted to say to people when I was working in retail. I myself refuse to believe that people dont know when they are being rude...! there were always those women i just wanted to kick! hehe
goodluck, hope today they were all nice :)