twas the night to remember...

last night my mom and i went to the candle ceremony at the snyder funeral home. its a yearly ceremony they put on to honor those lives lost this past year. they mentioned this year saw 541 lives lost. its a rather short deal...a few songs, the lighting of a candle, and a prayer. its sweet...and not too drawn out. (you know how sometimes these things can be a bit of a production, and lose their purpose and feeling)

but i have to say, it cracks me up...i go to these things with the best of intentions of keeping it together and just putting up a little front of strength. it was a simple setup of flowers with the speakers off to the side so we could all watch a video of the pictures of the lives lost this past year. the video flashed either the name or the name with a picture. wellll, as you can imagine, as soon as i saw dad i cried. not in that over-the-top manner but into my tissue. good grief!!!! and so as the night progressed i just felt weaker and weaker and lost my ability to reel it in! haha. i didnt get overly annoyingly sad, as i was in public afterall, but definitely affected. we were fortunate enough to see his picture flash twice...such a happy, sweet picture.

ive had a lot of reflective moments recently. ive really had some downer at a point where i could really use my dads advice. with jobs, boys, and being a girl. but more on alll those thoughts later :)

tonight is the ceremony at hospice. mom and i are both really excited...i cant wait to fill you all in on how it goes. the best part!? im finally going to get to see his brick laid out!!!!!!! ohhhh, itll be so special. and tonight i will be bringing a box-o-tissues!! haha. xoxo