light up a life

just got home from the "light up a life" ceremony at hospice. it was beautiful...but freeeeeeeeeeezing. it was held outside...and it is just so crazy cold. but i channeled my inner John Kelley and kept it tough. haha.

there were a few songs, and then the best part...they lit up a dozen or so trees. it was a cute moment. we walked around the trees...and then tried our darnedest to find dads brick. little dark though, haha. i cant wait to see it!!

we were given a program that listed all the names honored over this past year. its so crazy...if i see his picture or name i lose it. i can keep it strong if i need to, unless i do either one of those. oh geez. we got pins too. cute little memento.

well, dad. youre now officially shining out there for the world to see!! (granted, i think you shine all the time...but even more now!!! :) :) :)). thinking about my dad makes me happy and feel special. i want him back so bad. they had a speaker say a few words tonight...he spoke psalm 23...dads favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its been a busy week with all these ceremonies...and it feels soooo good. were really looking forward to spending christmas at hospice. i cant think of a better place to be :)


Such a happpy/sad time. Its gonna be a weird Christmas for sure...I really wish you and your mom could come spend part of the holiday in MA with my and my family. If nothing else, it would be a great distraction from things on your mind this time of year. You are supposed to be with family, and you are my family...which makes you my family's family technically... :) anyway hope u guys are still sane over there in 24-7 work.
Love you