getting inked

as many of you know i have been throwing around the idea of getting a tatoo of dads initials for a while. nothing huge, nothing gaudy, nothing in a really obvious spot...just something for me. i thought, first, the bottom of my foot would be cute...but, umm, im not really ok with being bed ridden for something like that. i mean, i am on my feet all day at work...might pose a problem, haha. ive since thrown around the idea on my upper wrist...behind my ear...side of my foot...etc. i think im leaning toward upper wrist. i usually wear a zillion hair ties and a watch so itll be my little secret. mom mentioned her lower back. i will keep you all posted on final locations :)

at work today, mom told me she wants to do it too. so next week we are thinking about doing it. most likely next saturday...eek!! im pretty sure its going to hurt like a bitch...but i know i can handle it.


Cure CJD said…
Hey Hilary! I got my first tat this October (and I'm 36 for the love of Pete!) It's a beutiful Celtic cross with my mom's initials. My husband drew it for me so it is extra special. It really didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would but I think that's because I was so flipping scared that the adrenaline was pouring. However, there were a coule of times I was tempted to ask the lady if she was drilling for oil. OUCH!!! Be prepared for it to itch - that about drove me bonkers! The first Christmas is rough. The second one hasn't been much better for me. We'll raise a glass on New Year's Eve to my mom and your dad. I bet they are buddies, laughing at their two crazy girls! Take care - Nikki