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so much to say

i feel like its been a while since i wrote about anything of substance...things that realy fill you all in on my life.

well, its tuesday. its a shitty day outside. how can it be so wonderful one day, and 12 hours later be so miserable? good grief! well, it IS december 16th afterall. haha. and really, im happy, loving life, and this is such a fun time of year. i can suck it up and find the good in scraping the ice off my car...walking to my car down the street in the pouring rain...going nymb as i change lights outside of azura. life is funny, and these are the moments that i think mold us into good characters. (and i will learn to wear gloves, a coat and long pants one day. ehh, actually, thats a lie. i totally wont). hell, my dad never did. :)

one magazine azura has signed on to advertise with is called "fine living". the first issue we will be featured in comes out first thing february (you know with all those pesky deadlines and being far ahead, january is being worked on now) we are throwing around ideas for the shoot. its going to be a music theme...models rocking out with guitars and the issue is honoring an F&M music teacher i believe...that, and the new music theater downtown. best part?! guess who is going to be the model? yours truly!!! haha, what a riot, right?! i think itll be hilarious...quite frankly, im quite nervous. we will be getting hair and makeup.

*note: its freaking snowing outrageously right now!!!!!!!!! GRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (heyyy, at least our heat works, right?!?!)

so i will keep you updated on all things hilary throughout the week. my biggest hope is that sales continue...hopefully, getting better too!!!! the photo shoot is happening within the next week, so ill post that too! we are planning a fashion show for february so we are busy doing that as well.

ohh and lastly, im getting my hair done tomorrow and am dreaming of the perfect thing i want to do, but what the hell is that?! i just dont know what to do with it! my mom just got hers done yesterday...went "really blonde". haha, it was cute...i teased her a little...i mean, she was always "really blonde". her hair looks awesome...and it IS...super blonde :) haha. but you know how you go in wanting the perfect shade, highlight, cut, added colors, etc. but really, at the end of the day, what is that?! i just hope i can figure it out :) haha. i loooove my hair dresser, and she knows me and my head so i have no doubt itll be great.

ok, back to work!!! more later! :)


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