Wednesday, February 11, 2009

birds chirping

im pretty sure as i was getting ready this morning i heard some birds chirping. oh holy geez, thats gotta mean spring, right?! haha i sure hope so! its supposed to be a beautiful day today…which makes it hard to be inside, but ill take it! its amazing what a little sun can do for ya, you know.

and rachel, after reading your comment to my previous post, i had to comment back…the chocolate deal you make for drew sounds perfect for him!!!!!!! in fact, it made me smile…and think of him. it just sounded so drew…the boy will most definitely love it…death by chocolate is his motto.

it sounds like you guys have a fun weekend planned. (always fun to see the rents,i know). haha…yea, im interested to see what aaron and i do, if anything. dinner im sure. i got him a funny card, but with me flying down, i didnt get a present (yet…?). haha. i cant wait to fill you in on gossip…i truly hope it goes swimmingly. his ex-gf has been facebooking him a lot lately, which is totally pissing me off. shouldnt i guess, but it does.

anyway, happy hump day all! the mag launch party is tomorrow night, so get ready for your mags to come shortly!! love you all xoxo

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