Friday, February 13, 2009

a bunch of updates

i finished george andersons book this AM. i had purposely taken a few days off from reading is such an emotionally heavy book that i really needed to step away from it. it ended on an amazingly light note. the last few chapters talked about hope, living life in spite of loss and tradegy, and a bit of a question-and-answer section. he explains that our loved ones might be physically gone, but they love to hear from us and love for us to pray, and are never truly "gone". how beautiful. i truly feel like my dad is around and i love that...this book was a really nice, albeit difficult, read. i recommend it to anyone that needs perspective. i certainly cant have enough of that...haha, right drew!??! hahaha.

i leave tomorrow morning for hilton head to spend 4 days with aaron. went to bed last night and woke up today with unbelievable pressure in my head and horrible sore throat. awesome. haha. i was reminded by some best friends and family that these nerves i am feeling were also expressed when i went to LA in july. how funny that i forgot. hehe. (more on that when i get back....). but thank you for those on the opposite end of my trials and tribulations. DEAR GOD! haha.

the magazine launch party was last night. i have to say, id love for my dad to be here to see it. i think hed be soo proud. humored, if nothing else. i am in the magazine 4 times. whew! theyre whoring me out! haha just kidding. i cant wait for us to send out copies and get all your opinions.
ok, back to work for this chick. ill check back later! XOXO

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