Friday, February 6, 2009

movie night

tonight after work mom and i are going to go see "hes just not that into you". i have been so excited to see this movie since i saw the first trailor for it like a million years ago. should be a nice way to detox from the week...and prepare for the working weekend and anniversary of dad. i think bradley cooper is adorable and i just cant wait to see him, haha.

the following weekend "confessions of a shopoholic" comes out, so i think i wanna catch that too. though, i must say, the preview didnt really entice me. so i take that back.

what cracks me up about tonight is that i dont think my mom is super excited about the movie as a whole as much as a way for her to just laugh a little. i think shes going for the popcorn. much like my uncle dwight, she will never watch a movie without it in the theater. she LOOOVES it. its her favorite "dinner" hahahaha. its a 2 hour movie, which shocked thought it would be shorter, but as long as its entertaining im good.

ill be back with a watch this space :) ha

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