Saturday, February 7, 2009

great start to the weekend...

and i hope it continues to be this way. mom and i went to yoga this morning and sweat out all our tension and bad thoughts. briala (the teacher) really spent time having us relax, close our eyes and think about life. she told us we are perfect the way we are and the practice of yoga isnt to learn what isnt right with our bodies, but how to live within ourselves and be present in the world. everything she said (as yogi as she is...and though i love her, she is a total yogi) it was the perfect thing mom and i needed to hear. this is a stupidly difficult weekend with more than enough room to feel shitty. thanks briala, you started the day amazingly.

we almost didnt go to yoga this AM though. we got home from the movie last night at 10 and were tired. it was a 2 hour and 10 minute movie. long sucker (omg, we had to pee sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad at the end, haha). the audience was like one big high school classroom. soooo funny. i think my mom liked the movie way more than me...and i thought shed hate it. it was cute. fluffy. easy. you know...nothing to mind tazing, nothing profound. just easy boy-girl humor. mom even commented on how "complicated you have it dating, hil"...hahaha. true, but funny.

got home from yoga to a flower delivery at my door. aunt martha, aunt cori and gamma jane sent flowers. thank you girls!!!!!!! they are soooooooo beautiful...multi-colored daisies. sooo simple and young and totally me. absolutely gorgeous and i am so thankful. love you guys!

so back to work...cant wait to see rach and drew tomorrow. we might try out this dark park nearby for emmitt. and we will be remembering dad all day. (visit his site, etc). xoxo

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