Sunday, February 1, 2009

go cardinals!!!!!

i have had some sort of hatred for the steelers all my life. i can not explain it, i just do. they are just that team that i have no interest in. them and the flyers. being a native pennsylvanian its kinda weird i guess, but im ok with that. haha.

they are in the super bowl today. against the cardinals. i have so much LOVE for i must say my heart is with them today. granted we are working all day, but i hope to catch some of the game later. (and i hope the commercials are cool. my faves are the e*trade commercials...the baby is soooo funny!!!!)

and what has happened to the halftime show?!?! i know a ton of people love bruce springstein...not me. its not fun anymore. thank you janet jackson and justin guys sucked it up, and it has sucked ever since.

its a little warmer today, thank god! i see the light at the end of the winter tunnel of hell. haha.

(ok, countdown to see aaron: 13 days...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - had to sneak that in there!!

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Rachel Bell Kelley said...

yea lots of people here are steelers fans...but i gotta route for az too (not that ill watch or anything)

excited to see aaron! yea!! glad u guys still hang out etc...he seems to b a very important person to you :) love ya