Sunday, February 22, 2009

ive gone to carolina in my mind...

this song now has a whole new meaning to me! haha!! :) ive always loved james taylor, and while listening to him last night this song brought me right back to last weekend in SC. i have to admit, i have had a bit of a hard time with missing him since i got home and this song was perfect.

i want to take a minute and thank ali for chatting yesterday. im pretty sure we could talk for days..weeks even, if it werent necessary to do anything say, live!! haha. we had to cut it off after a little more than an hour (hehe, i decided i should probably help those pesky customers), but god damn, i love her. looooooooooooooooooooooooove. so thank al, you keep this little spaz-tastic chick in line. and sane. and clear-headed. and i know, i KNOW, thats not always easy...hehe. but we are a great pair. yes yes yes yes.

oh, and id like to give my brother a little blog shout-out. his advice for my daily life confusion is to "follow my head". thanks bro...i love you. you know how crazy i can make myself... a little no frills advice is perfect.

ok, off to daydream...err, i mean, work. happy sunday!!

PS, enjoy the oscars tonight. alfy (hehe) just texted me about it, should be fun!

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